The Oer project is a collaboration between

professionals who are sharing a common interest in ceramics craft and sustainable design.


As part of the project Sara presented to Lotte her personal vision of the problem of water in Sardinia and the will to be inspired by tradition to give a new value to such a precious resource. To do this, she thinks its necessary to raise awareness of the importance of drinking tap water and to reduce plastic pollution. Together they worked on a design approach focus on creating awareness about how the Sardinian drinking water system is organized and where the tap water is coming from to stimulate people to drink tap water. 

enas diga
sludge truck

Surface water, spring water & bottled water

"I am working on a

sustainable reusable carafe

inspired by traditional value of 

water containers"

anziana con brocca
donna con due brocche

Photos by Ilisso Edizioni

Meet Sara Vignoli from Sardinia

Sara is a designer based in Sardinia, for her water has always been very important because she was born in Tempio Pausania, a green town in north-eastern Sardinia, famous for its springs of mineral water. 

She is particularly interested in the theme of water because it represents a big problem for her island. The imago of tap water is negative and people choose to drink bottled water which creates a big amount of plastic waste on the island. 

Meet Kirstie van Noort from the Netherlands

Kirstie is a designer based in Eindhoven. She graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven department Man and Well-Being in 2011. Since 2012 van Noort runs her own design studio in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. She received the Material Award in 2012 for her designresearch in Cornwall, UK. She participated in many exhibitions (e.g. The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Dutch Invertuals, COS, Rossana Orlandi) and gave worldwide lectures explaining her way of working. In 2014 she was asked to participate in the project ‘2016/Arita’ in Japan. There she completed an artist in residency for two months and investigated in the local porcelain production.


In this project, Kirstie van Noort & Lotte de Raadt developed new ideas for the use of iron sludge in ceramics tiles.

"Having a deep red colour, we quickly realized the sludge could potentially be a great source for making ceramic pigments"